In Memory of Sharron Saksa McLaughlin

II Corinthians 5:17
if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation;
the old has gone,
the new has come!

How it works....


Prescription drug abuse is bigger than we think.  Over 7 million Americans abuse prescription drugs.    I have been asked by people who know nothing about how to get pills “How does one get them?”, here is how it goes.  Our regular looking grandmothers, grandfathers and everyday Joes are now drug dealers no matter how they look at it.  Most are on disability and have Government insurance.  They go to Dr. A and tell one thing then Dr. B and tell another and so on and so one until they have a handful of prescriptions for nerves, pain and even seizures; just to name a few.  They take these to different pharmacies and fill, for example, a normal 30 count bottle for $1.00!  Yup a BUCK, cause our tax dollars cover the rest.  Then they turn around and redistribute  these pills for anywhere from $2.00 PER PILL to $20.00 PER PILL!  So they are making $60.00 to $600.00 off of one 30 count bottle.  In most cases the dealer doesn’t even take the pills themselves, just profits from the sales,  most think they are doing no wrong and have no idea they can be charged if someone they provide pills to dies of an overdose.

Did you know there are websites and forums you can go to that are basically a "How to get high off pills for dummies".  These users talk openly about what to take, how much, what to take it with, and so on.  On one I read where a person gave an hour by hour update of how the pills worked for them while they were babysitting someones kids!  Most even have links to where you can buy them, these people have no idea what these pills will do to them, they have no idea what they should and shouldn't be mixing.  This is why only doctors are to provide medication.  


Simple Fix?


Most of us are part of a social network such as Facebook or MySpace.  When you search for someone, 99% of the time you find the person and from his or her page you are able to see who they are friends with and what mutual friends you have.  Why can’t doctors do the same?  Why is there no data base in place where each doctor can enter a patients name, upload a drivers license picture (since all doctors ask for them now) and list what prescriptions they are given and the reason.  This way when Mrs. X goes to Dr. B he can see that she has been to Dr. A and there will be no other medications given.  Seems like a simple fix to me…..

 If you have the time please watch the documentary called The OxyContin Express in the links page and you will get a small sample of just how huge this is.